Neo Technology Developers

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” – Steve Jobs…

Faith placed in Neo Technology Developers is faith not misplaced. 

Our Team

The NEO-Founders met each other while studying at Montclair State University, forming NeoTechnology Developers LLC. in 2015 to fulfill businesses and individuals’ increasing needs for expert/skilled IT services.

Sebastian Kufel M.S

Multi – Language Developer

Jeffrey Adamski M.S

Networking Architect

Tyler Sookdeo M.S

Front-End Developer

Jefferson Garcia M.S

Marketing Chief

Our Mission & Values


We offer quick, reliable support and uninterrupted communication at affordable rates. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of service to small, medium and large businesses, specializing in: security, networking, service & repairs, and much more! We do so by providing flexible and cost-effective solutions customized to your IT needs