Upgrade Your Home or Business

General Consultations

Neo Technology has made its name by providing general consulting services to technology-based needs for your business. Whether it’s for a small project or long-term growth we’ll explain our services and capabilities.

Website and Application Development

Our website designers are here to provide all digital needs for your business. From building a website to redesigning it we have the latest technologies that promise growth for your business.

Network Infrastructure

With our network infrastructure consulting process, we take the time that is necessary to create personalized network infrastructure solutions that are based on your company’s size, budget, and requirements.

Smart Homes

Transform your traditional home by installing smart technology. We’ll help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi, answer your door from anywhere, control lighting and temperature with your phone or voice, and more.

Home and Office Security

There are many steps a home or business owner can take to prevent a break-in. However, some are more effective than others. Allow us to assist you, by installing our recommended camera, motion, glass, and other security solutions.

SEO and Marketing

We will work closely with your company to understand your business goals and what you consider to be a win by optimizing improving search engine optimization, and page rank results. In addition, we also offer social media marketing packages to further drive traffic to your business. 

Auditing and Pen Testing

A security audit can be described as a systematic evaluation of your enterprise IT infrastructure defenses. Our security professionals will measure how well your security protocols comply with a list of established criteria.

Remote Monitoring

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with remote monitoring around your business or home. We’ll alert you when your network is unresponsive, and or being attacked by an external threat.  

Website and Application Hosting

If your website or application is slow, let us speed it up with our hosting services. We can optimize your current providers’ configurations or set up a hosting platform that meets your needs. 

Drone Photography

Add visual and marketing appeal to your Real Estate, Documentaries, TV, Film, and more. Our photography and video services will add the cinematic visual appeal you are looking for at a very affordable rate.

Custom Computer Builds

We work with all budgets to craft the custom pc that performs all tasks you need. From budget builds to enthusiast grade gaming computers, our computer technicians have the building experience you want.