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Neo Technology has made its name by providing unmatched customer satisfaction to all our clients with every service package we offer.

More Services

Web Design

Our website designers are here to provide all digital needs for your business. We will assist in building your business’s online presence.

Digital Marketing

Improve SEO, page rank results, and more to drive necessary traffic to your business. 


Tailored Network infrastructure solutions that are based on your company’s size, budget, and requirements.

Remote Monitoring

Get assistance, update, alerts, and more when you need it for your home or business. We offer a variety of remote monitoring packages to suit your needs.

Cloud Migration Strategies

We will recommend the best-suited direction to bring your business into the cloud based on your budget requirements.

Drone Photography

Add visual and marketing appeal to your Real Estate, Documentaries, TV, Film, and more. 

Auditing and Pen Testing

Our security professionals will audit your environment to determine how well your security protocols comply with a list of established criteria.

Home and Office Security

There are many steps a home or business owner can take to prevent a break-in. We’ll install camera, motion, glass, and other security solutions.

Smart Homes

Transform your traditional home by installing smart technology. Control lighting, temperature and more.